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Beach With The Girls

I’ve been at home with our four year old and infant daughters since the beginning – actually even earlier since I officially decided to stop working in advance of our oldest’s arrival to get our house and lives as ready as possible. For me, this choice was was an easy decision. I always said that if possible, I wanted one of us to stay home with our kids. Fortunately for me, my wife agreed with my thinking and after doing the quick calculation that she made more money, it was decided that I was going to stay home. To some that may be tough to handle, but I’ve always felt that in the partnership that is marriage you play up each other’s strengths. Truth be told, I’m also the one that absolutely wanted to take on this challenge we call “stay-at-home” parenting and with few questions asked. I couldn’t entirely explain why that was, but I can say it’s been one heck of an enjoyable few years and I’ve never looked back. Nope, not even on those rough days where an infant or sassy toddler can break even the best.

While our two children, my wife, our dog Bob, and our house are my primary focus each day, I still do manage to stay busy with other activities outside of the house. Being involved with other things is also a good way to keep sane during the days of diaper talk, baby teething, chauffeuring to pre-school or activities, and everything in between. When I step outside of my usual routine as a stay-at-home dad, I am in elected local government and am very involved in our town. I am also on several non-profit boards and serve as a volunteer firefighter. Some of my time is spent doing consulting work and helping with our family business. A portion of my time is also spent running a children’s activities site in my local area and recently participating in a podcast series called SAHDPod which is run by fellow stay-at-home dads across the globe.

My goal with this blog has been to create an area where I can share my experiences with other parents. While I do some longer posts, much of what I share is on social media (so make sure to follow me there!) Being a dad means my topics may be far reaching at times. After all, I often like to remind my wife that in addition to the usual stay at home parent duties one might think of, each week I typically do some maintenance around the house too. Most of my posts focus on my girls and the pure joy they bring to me. Some posts you will find are about juggling a busy life overall along with raising our children as we all know whether home full time or a working parent, juggling life and kids is always a challenge. It is from each other’s experiences not just our own that we learn how to best not just survive but to also enjoy parenthood. It is with that in mind that I want to contribute and hope that The Dad Report will be useful and enjoyable viewing for those who stop by.


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