Aug 27

Adventures of Chicken Little

Many of the items that fill up our calendar each week are with our local Moms Club chapter (find a chapter near you) and this past Friday was no different. We had the “Chicken Little” visit to Sport Hill Farm (see farm details) planned a few months ago but twice due to weather it had to be cancelled. Sometimes I come across activities that seem geared more towards the kids in the 2-4yo range but we decided to go anyway. I like to expose Shelby to some of the “big kid” events based on the thinking that my daughter will develop new skills by watching and interacting with the older kids. As she gets older, I’m also often surprised by those “that worked out really well, she’s growing up faster than I even realize” moments.

Our adventure with the chickens was a lot of fun, and Shelby was her usual curious self. She seemed like an old pro at petting one of the chickens too. Having our dog Bob at home appears to have been enough practice. Although she was a bit apprehensive at first, once she got closer, Shelby was very gentle and didn’t tug at the chicken which was probably good for both their sake!


Here is Shelby meeting “the girls.” (This farm only has girl chickens aka hens.) We had just thrown some bread out and Shelby was watching in awe as they all quickly rushed to one area.


We even got to make fun little chicken hats. This was definitely one of those moment’s where you feel the urge to save EVERYTHING you child makes! It appears arts & crafts events are a go for us now too. That scribble in the middle is Shelby’s contribution and as her dad I’m darn proud of it!


Shelby with her BFF Josie. This was Shelby’s first time carpooling which was a blast. They spent much of the ride up just saying “Hi” back and forth to each other. Absolutely adorable!


I try to get photos off to my wife when we are out. I think it is important for a SAHD to give Mom a boost during a long day away from home. Many apps to choose from but for iOS, I use InstaFrame (download here) to make a collage of our adventures.


True sign of a good event is how well your kiddo sleeps afterward.  Shelby managed her best nap of the week!

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  1. Barbara Izzo

    OMG! Shelby is one curious little girl and I am sure she totally enjoyed watching those little hens bob and weave around her. Sort of “just her size” compared to us grownups. I am so glad she was gentle with them. Bob the dog takes it when she smacks down on his paw, just saying HI, but it’s doubtful a hen would be ok with that! HA!

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