Aug 15

Anniversaries and Milestones and Benchmarks! Oh My!

It is hard to imagine how different life is now than it was just one year ago today. On May 6th, 2012, Shelby Claire Becker was born and my life was forever changed in a truly wonderful way. But wait a moment you say..today is August 15th not May 6th! That is right, but a year ago today was also a big day. Today is the one year anniversary of me becoming a stay-at-home dad. Sure, I stopped working around the same time my wife, Erica, got pregnant. One benefit to that decision was that it gave me the time to be there for everything early on including all doctor’s visits. And yes, after Shelby was born I was also there every day, but we were both there together during the first three and a half months. I’m grateful that we could support each other and enjoy so much early on with our first child in a way that most aren’t able to experience. However, that time early on had to end eventually, and it did on August 15th of last year when my wife went back to work from maternity.

We were both nervous that day and for many of the same reasons. For Erica, it was a difficult day to leave on the train the first time being hours away from Shelby. Sure she knew I was there which helped, but it was a difficult adjustment nonetheless. Early on I learned that pictures and videos throughout the day really helped a lot. At first I was worried about making Erica sad by reminding her of us being back home, but I’ve learned it is those little reminders that even now help get Erica through the day. For me, it was about whether or not this great experiment of being home with Shelby was really going to work. I had been very involved from day one and knowing I’d be home caused me to often take the lead on things from the start. However, you just don’t know how it is going to work until it is go time. Needless to say, that great experiment has worked quite well. This has been flat out the most amazing year of my life. I’ve had many ups and downs, calm days and hectic days, screaming baby days and laughing baby days, and well you get the point. In the end, when summed up there is not much to say other than I would not have changed a thing. If we add them up, we have many different anniversary dates in life. Perhaps it’s a birthday, or a wedding anniversary, or when you started your job but for me at least this is a particularly important date since it is when so many of my adventures with Shelby began. I love celebrating these anniversaries and Shelby’s milestones. From the first time she started crawling, to pulling herself up, to her latest milestone walking, I have been there watching her reach these important benchmarks in her development. These anniversaries and milestones are what makes it all worthwhile.

I love being a father and a stay at home Dad. Of course there are challenging days, but I love spending so much time with Shelby and watching her grow. I want to use this blog to share my experiences. While more common than in the past, what I do is still unique. For starters, one moment I’m prepping for dinner, next changing a diaper, and yes I still handle the home repairs and yard work in our household. I hope that my posts are useful not just to other dads but to any parent whether a Mom or Dad either working or staying home with your children. I plan to cover a range of topics from experiences with my daughter to running a household.




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  1. Rich Hagedus

    David, congratulations! great post, great pics. beautiful child

    1. David Becker

      Thanks Rich and I appreciate your help getting this site started!

  2. Bill


    1. David Becker

      Thanks for stopping by the site Bill!

  3. Barbara Izzo

    What a special way to document your time with your child. You will always have this to look back on. I wrote absolutely everything about you on a calendar for your first year and then tried to keep it up when Andrew was born the following year! This is WAY better. I am proud of you, David, for taking on the responsibility and doing it so well. You are a wonderful father.

    1. David Becker

      Thanks for your kind words, Mother. One way besides this that so much will be there to look back on is in pictures. Thousands and thousands of them already. The one nice thing about not just the ease of camera phones but the storage of digital is there is no holding back with taking pictures of everything and many of them. Sometimes seems like too many but when reflecting back even a few months it is great to have all of those images of each phase!

  4. Barbara Izzo

    Oh the pictures I have of you and your brother! And “way back then” it wasn’t instant gratification. We had to take many photos and hope something came out good after waiting a week for the film to be developed. Yes, FILM! Being quite a photogenic child, we got many great photos of you to cherish forever. And I do.

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