Aug 18

Fishies Fishies Everywhere

It’s always important to get out together for a family activity over the weekend. The weekends often bring the usual commitments with family and friends, and my wife and I also have our own lists of things to catch up on. Erica also likes to cram in as much time with our daughter as possible before going back to work and one on one time can be important. However, we try to make sure, even during the hectic weekends, that we get out and spend time as a family.

This weekend started with a busy Friday night and Saturday with previously made plans. Then on Sunday morning Erica got in some one on one time with Shelby while I enjoyed some rest admittedly vegging out in front of the TV for a few hours. Later after our daughter woke up from her nap, we realized that soon the weekend was coming to an end. A quick look outside confirmed cooling temps, clouds, and perhaps rain on the way which set the stage to finally get back to the aquarium. In our area we have what I’d consider to be a medium size aquarium a few towns over. If you live in the CT area click here for details on Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, CT. Even a quick visit through is 45-60mins which is great for Shelby. When there the first time we bought a season pass which has been great. A quick tip is to always ask about season pricing at aquariums, zoos, museums, etc. which sometimes will cost not much more than the price of one or two trips.

Here are some photos of what we discovered today:


Shelby was mesmerized by the bright colored fish and the schools of fish traveling in front of us!

Shelby pointing to bright fish

Shelby looking at bright fish - one last stop


When growing up, my brother and I had tree frogs so it was fun to visit the frog exhibit with Shelby.

Shelby looking at frogs with Dad


A great tank to see had a large school of fish passing by..so much going on really caught Shelby’s attention!

Shelby pointing to school of fish

All in all this quick visit was a success and an enjoyable time for us as a family getting out of the house on a cloudy Sunday afternoon. It was also a lot of fun even as an adult. I know some kids activities can be rough on that front but not the aquarium! Perhaps if you haven’t already, you’ll find an aquarium near your home to stop in for a visit with your kids sometime soon as well. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with the amount of fun to be had!


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  1. Pop

    Yours is my only consistent blog

    1. David Becker

      Good to see that. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with it either..

  2. Erica

    Had so much fun at the Aquarium yesterday. Can’t wait to go back!

    1. David Becker

      Thanks for helping to take those pictures!

  3. The Maritime Aquarium

    Thanks for coming by and for encouraging others to visit The Maritime Aquarium (or their local aquarium). Spending time together on such outings is a known way to strengthen family bonds. And it’s just plain fun and educational too!

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